History of Coins: 1857-S Double Eagles
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Imagine scuba-diving in the Atlantic Ocean and seeing a golden glimmer through your smudged googles. This gold glimmer isn't just a piece of gold but a piece of history, American history! 

Whether you're a coin expert or history buff, you'll love the story of the rare 1857-S Double Eagle!

The California Gold Rush and All it's Glory

If you were living in America during the first half of the 19th century, chances are that you might have picked up all your belongings and headed west for Cali. 

Back then these adventurous Americans were called '49ers because they all fled to California in 1849 with gold fever. To give you some insight, California's population post-1849 was 100,000. You compare that number to its pre-1849 population which was 1,000. 

With all these people rushing to get their hands on some gold, you had many people leaving California to go back home around 1852-1857.

The Treasure of the Steamship S.S. Central America

As these Americans left California with their bags filled to the top with gold, some of them never made it back home. 

The S.S. Central America steamed out of Panama on September 12th, 1857. It carried gold and lots of it. 7,000 gold coins and 500 gold ingots to be exact! One of the coins on this ship was the 1857-S double eagle

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Vintage U.S. Map. Photo by British Library on Unsplash.

The steamship also carried 578 wealthy passengers. The S.S. Central America was head to New York but history knows that it never quite made it there. 

The Devastating Shipwreck of 1857

The S.S. Central America was sadly swallowed by the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean. 425 lives were lost, leaving 125 passengers alive to tell the story. 

As these wealthy passengers were fleeing the sinking ship, they abandoned all their baggage. This baggage being thousands of dollars worth of gold coins. 

Their golden treasure sunk 7,200 feet to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. And these glittering coins were left undiscovered for the next 130 years. 

The Discovery of Our Long-Lost Treasure

Finally, in 1985 a group of explorers called the Columbus-America Discovery Group found the wreck. 

The S.S. Central America shipwreck was the largest discoveries of treasure ever found! 6,838 1857-S double eagle coins were pulled from the depths of the ocean. Only 6,800 are certified today! 

The history behind the 1857-S double eagle coins is what makes them rare and special.  Not to mention, they are all in pristine conditions! 

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